A little preparation along with some fabulous tips will make your beach trip fun-filled, comfortable and safe.

Select the right time

If you planning to visit this place for Myrtle Beach, then the ideal time is Spring and fall season.

Carry fewer items to the beach

You need to be minimalistic when going to a beach. Be easy and comfortable. There are several products like backpack chairs with bags, beach blankets, beach toys etc. that you can easily get after getting there.

Don’t forget sunblock

Apply a good quality sunblock to offer you the best protection from direct sun rays.

Keep conditioner handy

Apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair so that the salt water does not cause tangles after when hair dries.

Take care of your electronic items

Wrap up your electronic devices in sealable plastic bags. This will keep them dry and protected.

Freeze the water

By freezing the water present in the water bottles, it will act as a frozen ice pack and also work as a refreshing drink.

Use Vinegar

If you got a sunburn, then put some vinegar on the affected area and then take a shower after twenty minutes. Vinegar will help in balancing the pH of the skin. You can also try applying Aloe Vera over the sunburn area to get soothing relief.

Use baby powder

Rub your feet with baby powder to removing sand.


All these tips will prove to be very beneficial to make your beach visit interesting, safe and memorable.