Due to advance technology, performing Rhinoplasty is possible without chisel and hammer. Your nose is photographed from different angles and the accurate picture will be displayed of your nose after surgery. The advantage of closed Rhinoplasty is that it doesn’t leave a scar on your face or nose. However, that doesn’t mean open surgery leaves scars, both types of surgery are beneficial depending upon the structure that has to be put together.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and also the biggest city in Canada. There are around 20 hospitals in Toronto. The General Hospital of Toronto majorly helps in teaching medical science. The city focuses on broad varieties of non-profit organizations that focus on health benefits. Best surgeons are provided for rhinoplasty Toronto hospitals. With advance and latest technologies, surgery is faster and safer.

When you plan to go for surgery, there are many things that you have to look into apart from money and time. The major step to make it a successful surgery is by providing proper aftercare treatment to your nose. Here are a few things to look into –

Apply an ice pack on your eyes and head for next 48 hours to avoid any swelling without damping your cast or putting force on it.

A liquid diet is preferred post-surgery to avoid any friction in your jaw which might put pressure on your nose and cast.

It’s normal to see blood dripping from the nose for the next two to three hours. Don’t try to block it that might irritate your nose, rather keep changing gauze pad frequently.

Maintain cleanliness next day of the surgery near your nostril, but avoid sniffing or blowing nose for a week.

It is wise not to eat or drink before surgery because the surgeon will be using anesthesia to treat you, which also means that you’re not supposed to apply any makeup or accessories that can create an obstruction. It is wise to request someone to drive you to the clinic and take you back home.