Car Rental


Car rentals are one of the most convenient and comfortable means for traveling around the city. You can find a car rental service from small towns to cities.

However, their service is more popular in tourist destinations. It is the best way for tourists to explore the city without hiring a guide.

The driver is enough to guide the tourists to visit all the popular attractions.

A few tips that you should consider before hiring a service –

Check for registered companies

You should always hire a rental agency which is registered with the state transport registration board. This will help you to stay safe and travel without any fear.

Check the driver’s license before finalizing the deal as it is very important. There are certain companies who run their business with drivers who don’t have the proper license.

Rental charges

You should understand the rental charges properly before finalizing the deal as different companies charges differently.

There are certain rental agencies which include the fuel cost while others may ask for additional fuel cost.

Terms and conditions

Go through the terms and conditional properly and check if there is any condition in case of fee or thing.

Check for any hidden cost involved for rent a car in Romania and clear out all the conditions properly.