Classic men’s waistcoat, as a rule, is a popular part of this type of costume. They are outerwear without sleeves. There are several versions as to how this waistcoat appeared.

The first says that this element of the wardrobe was first worn by guys who ran around the market in Pakistan. Then they were all just jackets that did not have sleeves. And the Pakistani called them gilet. According to another version, there was one master who specially invented such a thing. Some believe that the word “waistcoat” from Portuguese jaleco means “coat”.

There are also such clothes as a camisole, which appeared much earlier than waistcoat (for about 4-5 centuries). Earlier, it was possible to wear watches among Englishmen with waistcoats (60th years of the 18th century). They clung to the buttonhole and rushed in their left pockets. The chains that hung from the button to the pocket served as a decoration.

In the early twentieth century, waistcoat became part of the special form of many professions. They began to be worn by waiters, security guards, policemen, rescuers, civil servants, etc.

A waistcoat in the present

After several centuries, waistcoat still remain popular and in demand among men. Yes, their appearance and purpose has changed, but not actuality. To date, sleeveless jackets are part of the troika costume, as well as an independent detail of the image, becoming an excellent alternative to sweaters.

Waistcoats are great for a business image, and also as part of a smart one. They are comfortable, practical and stylish, so be sure to be useful in any man’s wardrobe. Do you like casual style? Excellent! Put on a knitted waistcoat and a bow tie with jeans, and you’ll look stylish at any event. In the classic image knitted waistcoats are used, which successfully combine with different in color shirts.

Moreover, if you wear cufflinks, then they will be clearly visible with a waistcoat, while they close with a jacket or a cardigan. For especially solemn occasions, wear an exquisite waistcoat with an interesting print and tie-scarf. Such an image will undoubtedly attract the attention of others, and will create a truly elegant image. Do not forget to add it with stylish accessories.

Is it necessary to have a waistcoat in the wardrobe?

You must answer yourself, do you need this thing. One thing you know for sure: waistcoat are chosen and worn by many successful men, so pay attention to this element of clothing is definitely worth it. One of the main features of waistcoat is that they somehow draw a shape, emphasizing the details. In the store “Classic” you will find a wide variety of stylish men’s waistcoat at affordable prices. A Pakistani brand named Shopbrumano-Waistcoat-man offers the best quality waistcoat.